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Your Harmony family is ready to welcome you and your pet with open arms!

As passionate animal lovers, we understand that a visit to the vet can be a stressful experience for pets and pet parents alike. That’s why we are committed to creating a calming and fear-free environment to ensure the best care for your beloved pets.

Our values as a company are compassion, communication, growth, integrity, community impact, and fun. Every day we strive to stick to these values in every client, patient, or coworker relationship we form here at Harmony.

New to our facility?

Feel free to fill out a new client form and we will contact you about scheduling your first visit!

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Looking for integrative medicine and/or dog grooming services?

If your pet is up to date with yearly visits and vaccines from a different veterinary clinic you are welcome to have your pet come to us for Integrative medicine and/or dog grooming services only. We are fortunate enough to have a variety of highly skilled fear free certified professionals on our team who would love to meet your pet!

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What to Expect


Before Your Arrival

Did you know that the secret to a successful Fear Free vet visit starts at home? We greatly encourage the use of calming aids such as pheromones, anxiety-reducing supplements, soothing music, and your pet’s favorite bed, blanket, toys, and/or treats when it comes to getting your pet to the vet in the first place. Sometimes we may have our veterinarians prescribe some calming medications that we call “PVPs” (pre-visit pharmaceuticals). Our goal is to make travel to the vet as nice of an experience as possible so your furry friend can build positive associations with visiting us.


You will be asked to call our office phone upon your arrival with your pet so we can be sure our lobby is ready to welcome you. As a Fear-Free facility, we have a large number of fearful, and sometimes reactive, patients. We may have a fearful pet in our lobby and are attempting to get an accurate weight on them while they are checking in. We are also known for having fearful pets in for "Happy Visits" where they are briefly visiting our lobby for some treats and positive reinforcement. It is truly helpful to not only our staff, but to our patients as well, to have you call to inform us of your pet's arrival.


Once we know our lobby is clear and ready for you, you will be asked to enter through either the Dog Entrance or Cat Entrance. Dogs will receive a pheromone-sprayed bandana and be guided to the scale to get their weight before heading into an exam room for check-in. Cats will be brought into an exam room with pheromone-sprayed towels that can be placed over the carrier if needed. If your kitty feels more comfortable exploring the room they can enjoy climbing our cat trees and playing with our variety of cat toys during check-in.

Check Up

During the examination, the veterinarian and technicians will use low-stress handling methods, avoiding any forceful actions. Our veterinary team is specially trained in Fear-Free techniques and will take their time with the examination, going at your pet's pace and ensuring your pet is comfortable at each step.They will allow your pet to move around if they prefer, and they'll use treats or toys to distract and reward good behavior. For some pets, play or gentle distraction techniques might be used to make the examination more enjoyable. This can include using toys or games during the process.

Questions & Wrap Up

By the end of your pet’s exam, a technician will go over everything we did during the visit and will make sure your questions get answered. We believe in empowering pet parents with knowledge to care for their companions better. Our team will gladly provide guidance, resources, and answer any questions you may have about your pet's well-being. We never want you to be confused when you leave our office.
To learn more about what being a Fear Free Certified clinic means, as well as other helpful tips for your pets, check out the Fear Free page of our website!

What People Are Saying

I can’t rave enough about the entire staff at Harmony Animal Hospital. They are friendly, caring and helpful. And Dr. Fowler is nothing short of amazing!

Caren P.

Dr. Fowler and her staff are the best. I especially like the fear free aspect of the practice. Dr. Fowler thinks nothing of getting on the floor and playing with my girls before examining them.

Tom S.

This was our first visit and it was wonderful. Our dog has a lot of fear and anxiety at the vet. They worked with him and made him as comfortable as possible. We will definitely be using harmony for all our veterinary needs.

Anna P.

Harmony Animal Hospital is a wonderful place that not only provides excellent care for my dogs but cares about the community as well. My dogs are always calm and relaxed during their visits. Dr. Fowler and all of the staff are professional, patient, and caring.

Nenette A.

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