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Acupressure & Massage Therapy

Acupressure and massage both play a supporting role with veterinary care and can provide physical, physiological, and psychological relief.  They both can be a useful preventative tool to help your furry family member live a long, happy, and healthy life. We are proud to have Raquel of Furever Bond taking patients in our facility on Thursdays! Contact us today to ask about Raquel’s services.
You can also check out her website here

Review by client:

“I had a wonderful session with Forever Bond pet massage therapy today. My kitty, Charlie Chaplin, has always loved the attention and pets he gets at our fear-free clinic. So, when he developed a slight limp over the past two weeks, I thought I would try Massage/Acupressure therapy. I have used deep tissue and myofascial massage to help me—so I thought I would try it for Charlie. I was more than pleased, I was amazed! I recognized the same signs of relaxation and relief that I have experienced for myself in massage therapy. By the middle of the session his body had completely relaxed and his little head dropped down on the table—completely relaxed. We felt the muscle areas before and after, so I could tell the difference. He has been so calm the rest of the day. Watching him relax helps me relax. Massage not be for every cat (or person), but I was very impressed today. No meowing. Only minimal wiggling as the session started. And the “touch” used for cats is so much more light than what is used for humans. The therapist provided me massage techniques to use at home!! -Charlie’s Mom”