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Luxury Fear Free Dog Grooming

We’re excited to offer luxury fear-free grooming services for dogs 50 lbs and under!

Our groomer, Katie, is an award-winning groomer who is highly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She has been grooming since 2015 after spending two years as an assistant. She specializes in product knowledge, breed-standard grooming, and coat maintenance. Katie has show experience and has shown Bedlington Terriers since 2018. She also has experience in other breeds for the conformation ring. She has won, or placed, with her personal Bedlington Terriers at Westminster, The AKC National Championship, The National Dog Show, Morris & Essex, breed specialties, and more! Sushi, her currently campaigned dog, has been nationally ranked in breed, all breed, and NOHS points. Katie regularly attends trade shows and seminars as she is very passionate about continued education. She brings all of this expertise, attention to detail, and care to each client’s pet!

Grooming is currently available Monday through Thursday. Dogs 50 lbs and under are accepted and there are some necessary breed restrictions. Katie offers Bath & Brush, Mini-Grooms, Full-Grooms, and possible Show Groomings or Handstripping on a case-by-case basis. Katie will meet with each new client and pet to go over individual wants, needs, and grooming schedule expectations.

Contact us today if you are interested in setting up an appointment or if you have any questions!

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What makes grooming at Harmony Animal Hospital different?

Every service performed is done with Fear Free protocols that prioritize the comfort of the dog while performing services. We utilize mindful handling techniques, behavioral expertise, various types of equipment (ex. quieter dryers), fun visits, treats, calming supplements, medication, and more! No dog is pushed beyond what they can handle that day to keep their fear, anxiety, and stress as low as possible.

All appointments are done one-on-one straight through in a quiet environment with minimal distractions. Every client gets the opportunity to meet with and speak to Katie personally to go over any questions, concerns, and requests! She is also able to make time for consultations and meet & greets.

Katie is an award-winning groomer and AKC conformation exhibitor, bringing years of experience and knowledge to each individual dog in her care. Her extensive knowledge in products & tools will not only ensure they receive nothing but the best for their skin and coat, but that you will go home knowing exactly what to use between visits for bathing & brushing!

Should any emergencies occur, your pet will immediately receive veterinary care from the veterinary staff at Harmony Animal Hospital. We are also able to examine and treat any minor issues discovered during the service, such as ear infections or previously undiscovered injuries (with the client’s permission and approval of additional fees).

What kinds of shampoos and conditioners do you use?

With products being one of Katie’s specialties, we keep the highest quality shampoos, conditioners, and sprays in stock to use on our clients’ pups! Anything that your dog needs is included in any package, with no surprise extra charges.

The products Katie has specially selected come from brands including Botaniqa, Artero, Best Shot, Les Poochs, Chris Christensen, Show Season, 3 Whiskers, and iGroom. In the future, we will be implementing special luxury add-ons from Iv San Bernard, Madra Mor, and Botaniqa!

You will absolutely notice a difference in your dog’s skin and coat after their appointment! Katie is happy to go over anything she has used (and why) if asked. She will also recommend what to use at home in between visits.

Are there any services you do not perform?

We do not offer clipping down the body coat of double-coated shedding breeds, such as Australian Shepherds or Labrador Retrievers, due to the damage it can do to the skin & coat. Katie is happy to offer and discuss alternatives to meet your needs!

Additionally, certain services require a mandatory schedule, such as handstripping, maintaining a particularly long coat, resolving skin or coat problems, or working with a very fearful or anxious dog.

There is a weight limit of 50 pounds. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis, with the understanding that these can require a set schedule in order to accommodate larger dogs.

Are you able to do sedated grooming?

Yes we are! For dogs with severe fear, anxiety, or stress associated with the grooming process, and dogs that are in severe condition (ex. very extensive matting), we are able to accommodate grooming dogs under sedation.

Additional fees apply for sedation in addition to the cost of grooming. Due to the reduced ability of the patient to regulate their body temperature while under sedation, bathing is not included in this service. The patient will be clipped very short to prioritize their comfort and safety. Any particular styling is not guaranteed.

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are new to grooming at Harmony, please fill out a Dog Grooming Form on our website. This will be forwarded to Katie, who will either reach out personally (phone or email) or advise our Customer Service Representatives on how to best schedule your pup’s appointment!

In addition, you may call us at 703-643-9797. The next best way is to email us at!

What days of the week are grooming services available?

Katie offers grooming appointments Monday through Thursday during regular business hours!

I would like to meet with the groomer before scheduling an appointment, is that possible?

Yes! You are more than welcome to schedule a groomer meet & consultation with Katie before scheduling your pet’s appointment. For dogs with health or behavioral concerns, Katie encourages this step so she can get to know you & your pet.

Can I schedule a happy visit for my dog to help them learn to love coming to Harmony?

Absolutely! For many dogs that experience fear, anxiety, or stress related to the vet or groomer, happy visits are a great way to create a positive association. For dogs that need more intense work overcoming their fears specific to grooming, we also offer Cooperative Care consultations and packages! Our technicians trained in behavior techniques can help your pup become comfortable over time with parts of the grooming process such as nail trims, bathing, and blow drying, that can be quite scary for some pets.

Grooming Services: